Fiber Optical Patch Cord

Fiber Optic Patch Cord Cable also called fiber optical jumper, is a fiber optic cable assembled with connectors at both ends. It is usually used to installed into fiber optical patch panel, optical distribution box or some wall mount rack to connect two fiber optical equipments. Fiber Optical Patch Cable can be categorized by the cable, connectors, polishing style and fiber cores.such as single mode fiber optical jumper, multimode fiber patch cable, SC, FC, ST, LC fiber optical patch cords, 12 Cores fiber optic patchcords etc.

We can produce good quality fiber optical patch cords as per your specific requirements and all the fiber patch cords are 100% strictly tested. You can have at least 3 years warranty on your receipt of our fiber optic patch cables.

If your requirements are out of our Fiber Optical Patch Cord list, We can customize or source them for you in China 100% For Free. Strongly believe that we can invite Great Advantages & High Satisfactions to you.

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