FTTH Fiber Optic Distribution Box

FTTH Fiber Optic Distribution Box also called ftth fiber terminal box. They varies from different designs as well as fiber capacity. For single fiber, We usually call them as fiber optical socket panel or fiber face plate. Also, there are 2 to 24 cores fiber optic terminal box for ftth application. They can be installed fiber adapters with fiber optic splitter,fan-out fiber pigtails or several fiber optic patch cords / pigtails to pre-connected for the fiber optical network cablings.

To make an optical distribution box better for you, You can customized some special ftth box or print your logo on fiber terminal box.You can get a 3 years warranty on the receipt of the FTTH Distribution Boxes.

If your requirements are out of our FTTH Fiber Optic Distribution Box list, We can customize or source them for you in China 100% For Free. Strongly believe that we can invite Great Advantages & High Satisfactions to you.

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