Fiber Optical Adapter

Fiber Optic Adapter / couplers are designed to connect between two fiber optic pigtails,patch cords or splitters, the two end faces of the optical fiber which is precision docking, so that the light emitted energy to maximize the optical output of the optical fiber to be coupled to the reception, Effect of light and allowed to intervene in order to link the system to minimize the resulting.

Fiber Optical adapters include singlemode and multimode types. With different capacity,You can find simplex,duplex even quadplex fiber adapters in application. As per its connection type, We can see the usual SC, FC, ST, LC, MU,E2000, MTRJ,MPO optical fiber adapters.More often the fiber optical adapters are installed into wall mount fiber terminal box or rack mount fiber optic patch panel and some ftth splitter distribution boxes.

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