Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Fiber Optic Splice Closure also called fiber optic joint box, including dome/vertical type and horizontal type. The capacity are from 12 cores to 288 cores. You can choose the specific requirements for your application from our fiber splice enclosures range, Also the fiber optic splice tray can be installed 1 to 12 pcs as your need. Meanwhile, If there are a large quantity of a special fiber optical enclosures requested, We can develop mold for you.

A fiber splice enclosure is always used in connection with two outdoor fiber cables. To make outdoor fusion more effective, Our splice closures are designed to be easy to install and good space for operation.

Similar with 3m optic splice closure,coyote fiber optic splice closure and raychem fiber optic splice closure, We can supply you with good quality at very low cost. Contact us now for 3% Discount!

If your requirements are out of our Fiber Optic Splice Closure list, We can customize or source them for you in China 100% For Free. Strongly believe that we can invite Great Advantages & High Satisfactions to you.

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